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We offer door repairs and refinishing. Sometimes it is more beneficial not to buy a new door, but to refinish the current metal door, giving the old door its former appearance and functionality. We can provide this service in a very short time, thus decreasing your inconvenience.

How we work
• Our locksmiths will come to you in the morning, dismantle the door leaf [ПW1] and take it to our workshop, where all the necessary works are performed.
• If necessary, the old locks are replaced with the  highest security level locks, new decorative coating will be optionally, depending on your preference, reglued, as well as, in case of necessity, the filling of the door leaf will be replaced with high-density slag wool. 
Choosing door repairs or refinishing, you will not only get a door that looks like new at  lower costs, but will also increase the door security level because our locksmiths will seek and select high security locks only.
Contact us in order to agree on the time and costs of the execution of the work.
Our specialists will restore the original look and functionality of your doors quickly and competently.