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We provide our service 24/7 without holidays.
In order to get a locksmith emergency service for the locked door, you have to certify that you are the owner or tenant of the apartment or house.

Call us at any time, and our specialists will immediately go to the address in Riga or its surroundings specified by you.

Our company has been operating in the industry for over 20 years. During this time, our locksmiths have gained a hugeexperience and become true professionals in their area, who are capable of opening different types of doors: metal/steel, PVC and aluminum, with two or three locks manufactured in Latvia or elsewhere in the world.

The locksmiths open the doors using special tools, so your doors will not be damaged and there will be no signs ofopening left on them.

Our will treat your property carefully, no matter how complicated a lock opening is. Our company believes that there are no unlockable locks and unopenable doors. Everything can be opened in case of possessing the relevant experience and knowledge as the more complicated the lock is, the more time it takes to open it. Our locksmiths recommend to choose locks of a higher degree of complexity.

There are various reasons why opening the doors is necessary:
• lost keys;
• stolen keys;
• slammed door when leaving the apartment;
• a child or anyone else has closed the bolt of the door from the inside;
• someone has tried to break into a house or apartment, but it has failed;
• however, the lock no longer functions;
• mechanically worn out over time lock mechanism.

Almost everyone has found himself in a situation where the lock suddenly becomes more difficult to close or a bit sticks.This is a sign that the lock should be replaced immediately, but unfortunately, for the most part, people continue to use locks until they completely stop functioning and ruin all their daily plans. Our locksmiths will not only open your door and offer the best options for locks to be replaced, but will also provide you with additional advice on how to properly maintain the lock mechanisms so that they serve long.