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In order to get an emergency auto locksmith service, you have to certify that you are the car owner by presenting a technical passport or other papers.

Not only the door locks of the house can break, the same can happen to the car door locks. Statistics verify that 50% of drivers has had the necessity for auto locksmith at least once, and the reasons can be as follows:

  • damage to car electronics or central key;
  • loss of car keys;
  • keys left in the car and automatic door lock;
  • frozen car lock;
  • car battery discharged;
  • stolen car keys;
  • worn out door lock cylinder.

These and other accidents can happen to anyone. We understand how difficult it is to live without a car nowadays, so our experts
will immediately go to you and provide emergency auto locksmith service without damaging doors in any way.

Unlike emergency locksmith for the apartment doors, which is most often completed by drilling, the emergency autolocksmith service for car doors is performed using special tools, leaving no signs of opening or any damage to the car.Our locksmiths will take care of your car and do everything correctly and impeccably so that not to cause any additional expenses for you.

Our locksmiths have a large experience in providing emergency auto locksmith service for various cars, and we will be capable to help no matter what the car is – it can be an exclusive or an older car, our locksmiths will cope with the task .

People are sometimes wrong considering that emergency auto locksmith service is an expensive service and it will be cheaper to knock out a car windscreen to get inside. In fact, replacing a windscreen will certainly be neither the cheapest nor the most convenient solution. Not only the car will have to be taken to the service to perform  the windscreen replacement afterwards, but you will also need to clean the car interior from the glass fragments and drive with the car without a windscreen.

It may seem the simplest and the fastest solution at first, but actually it is the dumbest thing a driver can do with his car. Do not hurry to deal with this type of problem on your own, contact us instead – this way, you will not only avoid damage, but also save time and money.

We invite our customers to trust our experts, who will open any car quickly and without damage. We have all the necessary tools and invaluable experience at our disposal, so we can provide the highest quality service. 

Call us and our locksmiths will help you at any time of the day in Riga and its suburbs.