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Visu marku profesionāla auto atvēršana

Do you require an auto locksmith service in case of a slammed door? Choose 24/7 emergency locksmith services of WWW.SOSSERVICE.LV 

It does not matter if the car is used to get to work, to transport goods or for entertaining and leisure trips, for many people their vehicle is an important part of their everyday life. However, there are situations when  a reliable assistant can let you down. Many car technical problems can be predicted and prevented in case of timely and regular maintenance, but sometimes the car cannot be used because of unpredictable reasons,  for example, lost keys. According to statistics, about 50% of car drivers at least once needed help in opening a car. Experts in such cases strongly recommend not to choose the solution that seems to be the simplest- to break the window, but ask professionals for help. The team of SOSservice.lv specialists has more than 30 years of experience in locksmith service for a wide range of car lock models. The knowledge and equipment allow to open the car quickly and without damage to the lock. You can apply for the service at any time of the day in Riga and the Riga District by calling or sending a description of the situation and photos to the phone number of SOSservice.lv – 26661117. 

It is impossible to predict the loss of car keys or stuck locks, so if you are not able to get inside your car you can often get confused and stressed. There are even cases when, at the moment of confusion, car owners choose as it seems the quickest and easiest solution – to break the window. SOS service experts advise not to rush into making unthoughtful decisions. Although it is actually quick and easy to break out the glass of a car, the costs connected with this  largely exceed the costs of professional locksmiths. In the case of broken glass, the car owner will have to not only temporarily seal the glass, but also spend time and money on buying a new glass and its delivery to the service. SOSservice.lv can quickly open jammed or locked car doors quickly and without damage, in addition, experienced specialists of the company know how to open car doors of any brand. SOS support service is available 24/7 at 26661117. It is important to note that at the time of receiving the service, the car owner should be able to confirm the ownership of the car (present the technical passport of the car or other documents confirming his ownership). 

The most common reasons for opening a car: 

The situations when opening a car and professional help are needed can be numerous and different. In collaboration with the customers and employees of SOSservice.lv, we have summarized the most common cases.

1) Lost keys. Despite the fact that most cars have several sets of keys, spare keys are rarely carried by the car owner. If during the trip absence of keys is discovered, for example, when going to the forest or fishing, the probability of finding the keys is relatively small.

2) Stolen keys. Thieves were always and everywhere. If criminals intend to steal a car, key theft can be carried out purposefully. The keys can also be stolen by an ordinary pickpocket, who did not suspect what his catch would be like – a wallet, a phone or some other item in a person’s pocket or bag.

3) Damage to car electronics or central key. Any mechanism can malfunction. If the central key of the car is damaged, it will often be impossible to open the car, even if there is a set of keys. 

4) Frozen lock or dead battery. Despite the fact that in recent years there have been no severe winters in Latvia, the car lock can freeze even in slight frost. Such cases usually occur when moisture gets into the lock due to various reasons and accumulates there. Of course, the lock can be thawed, but not always there are all the necessary tools for this. The same applies to the dead battery. 

5) Keys left inside the car. There are car alarm systems equipped with the function of automatically locking an unlocked car door for several minutes. If the keys remain in the car, even a short absence can be a serious disappointment for the car owner. Only key and door service can help.

6) Worn out lock. This problem is most often found in older cars. A damaged lock can often lead to stuck keys. Attempts to pull out or turn the keys stuck in the lock often lead to their breakage, as a result of which it will be necessary to open the car. 

Whatever the problem is, SOSservice.lv locksmiths will find a solution in any situation. After receiving the call, the SOS service locksmiths will immediately process the information and go to the scene, making a quick opening of the car door without damaging the car and the lock. 

Getting into a car by breaking out a window is the fastest, but not the wisest decision

As mentioned above, a jammed car door cannot be predisted, so it can really surprise the owner of the car. If cars manufactured 30 years ago could be easily opened even with a screwdriver or scissors, then opening new models of cars manually is much more difficult or even impossible. Having no opportunity to open or break the door by force, under the influence of stress, often leads to a quick unthoughtful decision to get into the car breaking out the side window. When deciding on such a step, the car owner often does not think about the additional difficulties and costs that may arise when opening the car in this way. Firstly, it is the cost of buying and replacing a new window glass. For a newer car, the amount for materials and repairs can be quite impressive. Secondly, this is the time that you need to spend on delivering the car to the service and back. You should also bear in mind that after breaking out the window, most likely, it will be necessary to completely clean the car interior, because small glass fragments will remain not only on the car seats, but also in more inaccessible places. Finally, if the car is needed to carry out daily work duties, the car owner will have to look for another car for the duration of the repair. Needless to say, car rental services are not free. As a result, a thoughtless but quick opening of a car made independently will be much more expensive than calling SOS service locksmiths. 

How is car door opening conducted? 

There are video tutorials on the Internet on how to relatively quickly open a locked car door using various household items, such as shoe laces or a clothes hanger. Even if some of the tips are really useful, they can be applied mainly to older car models, and in any case, to perform these steps, you will need not only these accessories, but also significant physical effort and good luck. Taking into consideration the features of the alarm system and the technological solutions of the central key, it will definitely not be possible to open newer cars in this way. SOSservice.lv locksmiths open the car doors with surgical precision using special tools and devices designed for this purpose. If the residential door locks are most often opened by drilling, the car doors are opened without damaging the lock and leaving no scratches or signs of unlocking on them. This does not entail any additional costs for the vehicle owner. If the door is jammed because of a worn or damaged lock, SOS service locksmiths will repair or replace the lock. If necessary, it is also possible to recode the locks.

Why choose emergency locksmith services of SOSservice.lv

SOSservice.lv company locksmiths have more than 30 years of experience in opening a wide range of models of car locks. This is more than any other SOS service provider in Latvia. The obtained experience is a guarantee that the auto locksmith of any brand will be carried out without problems. The company’s locksmiths have special equipment, thanks to which the car can be opened without any difficulties and without damaging the lock. All work is carried out with particular care and reverence towards the car. SOS service professionals will be able to help even if you own an exclusive car brand with a sophisticated alarm and lock system. It can be almost infallibly asserted that the company guarantees 100% opening of locks. 

Choosing SOSservice.lv locksmith services, the client receives not only reliable and professional help, but also confidentiality and discretion. The company’s locksmiths also expect an honest relationship – if, upon their arrival on call, the person cannot provide the documents confirming his ownership of the car, for example, a technical passport, auto locksmith will not be started. 

If you find yourself in a situation where, for various reasons, you cannot get into your car, do not make quick decisions, but ask professionals for help. Over the years, SOSservice.lv locksmiths have gained vast knowledge in the field of auto locksmith of various car models. No other emergency locksmith service in Latvia can boast of such an experience. Auto locksmith is available at any time of the day. To apply for the service, we invite you to contact a customer service specialist by calling 26661117 or sending a short description of the problem with the attached photos to the Whatsapp application. More detailed information: www.sosservice.lv.

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