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Profesionāla seifu atvēršana

When security becomes a problem. Opening safes in case of the lost keys

Most people keep their finances in commercial banks. The most common practice is to guarantee, at least formally, not only capital accumulation and retention, but also a certain percentage of profit. However, banks can also face problems – both caused by various economic processes, and malicious ones. Some people, in order to protect themselves from unwanted risks, prefer to keep their money and valuables in a safe. Thanks to its structure and functions, a safe can certainly be considered the safest place in the house where you can hide everything valuable from prying eyes. It may sound paradoxical, but there are situations when decisions of a high level of security for a safe can harm the owner himself because of the key loss or a forgotten unlock code. Unless the owner of the safe is a professional locksmith with large experience of emergence locksmith services for complex locks and mechanisms, it is im possible to open the safe on your own. In most cases, there is only one solution – seek the help of locksmith specialists. For more than 30 years, SOSservice.lv has been providing emergency locksmith services in Latvia.

People usually store a variety of things in their personal safes: from money, valuables and family memories to personal documents, wills and even weapons. Often, these things have not only significant material, but also spiritual value, so their protection is especially important. Security provided by the availability of a safe is sometimes highly significant. All mechanisms have their disadvantages; however, manufacturers of safes have made us sure that at least for a regular thief opening safes is not possible without special knowledge and equipment. But what if the safe owner needs locksmith services? (This can happen, for example, in the case of lost safe keys.) Only professional locksmith service specialists can help. In Latvia, one of the most experienced providers of such services is the company SOSservice.lv.

When is it recommended to install a safe? 

Of course, anyone can install a safe in their home as a preventive measure, but if large amounts of money or valuables are not stored at home, this is not necessary. We have summarized the cases when it is recommended to install a safe. 

Money is kept in stockings. Currently, in order to receive a salary or a pension, an account with one of the Latvian credit institutions is mandatory. However, there are people who still prefer to keep their savings at home. There are several reasons for this – both a complete distrust of our banking system, and a desire to understand the physical form of their capital. Some say money likes regular recounting. The installation of a safe for storing large amounts of cash is recommended. At the same time, you should remember that objects and information such as safe spare keys or the unlock code, should not be stored in the safe. 

You have a valuable jewellery collection. It would not be wise to keep jewellery, as well as banknotes at home in places accessible to everyone. Even a gold pendant might be enough to attract the interest of thieves. To make opening safes impossible for unauthorized persons, we recommend obtaining certified safes that comply with all the European Union standards (certificates IMP, ECB-S).

You are a connoisseur of art. Everyone has heard about the works of Rembrandt or Gauguin, which cost millions. Nevertheless, even local 20th-century artists’ paintings have significant value in the eyes of art lovers, which only grows over the years. If you have valuable works of art, you should consider installing a reliable safe, where to store them. 

Weapons should be kept only behind the closed doors. It does not matter if you have hunting, sporting firearms or pneumatic weapons, the state legislation says that weapons must be stored in specially designed metal cabinets or safes. (Such weapons storage requirements were introduced to prevent unauthorized persons from getting weapons or ammunition). In addition, the wall thickness of weapon safes must be at least 2.5 mm. When buying such safes, it is necessaryto make sure that the locks are secure so that in case of unauthorized attempts to break in, opening safes is impossible. 

What types of safe locks are the most common?

There are safes with mechanical and electronic locks are available. There is no one answer, which of the locks is better – each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Safes with mechanical locks are more resistant to weather conditions, such as extreme cold, atmospheric pressure and humidity in the room. Also, mechanical locks do not require batteries. However, if several people use a safe with a mechanical type of locks, it is necessary to make several copies of the keys. Secure key storage is also often difficult. If the keys to such safes are lost, opening safes will not be possible without the help of SOS service specialists. Safes with electronic locks, on the other hand, are more convenient to use, because there is no need for a safe key, you just need to remember the code. However, electronic safes also have their drawbacks – they are more sensitive to moisture and require regular battery replacement. You can also forget the code required for the door opening. Without entering the correct code, opening safes will fail and SOS help will be needed. 

The most common reasons when emergency locksmith SOS service is necessary 

Most safes are designed so that it is difficult or even impossible to open them without the owners, thus protecting the contents of the safe. Thanks to the enhanced security solutions, opening safes is possible only with the use of a key or a combination of codes. It may look paradoxical, but there are people who prefer to put in a safe a spare key from the safe itself or a combination of an automatic lock code written on a piece of paper. If the safe keys are lost or the code combination is forgotten, locksmith service done on your own will become impossible. In most cases, the tools necessary for opening safes can be forgotten or lost if the safe is used infrequently or is not used at all. Opening safes may also be necessary if the safe locks were deliberately damaged, for example, in the event of an unsuccessful hacking attempt, or if the locks mechanism is worn out or there is a malfunction in their electronics.  

How is opening safes conducted?

An ordinary locksmith is not able to handle with complex safe locks and their mechanisms. This requires specially trained people with special equipment and skills, and even then, opening safes is often time-consuming and causes difficulties. In order not to damage the safe structure, the lock and the valuable contents of the safe, locksmith service must be performed carefully and accurately. When the safe in the Bank of Latvia was damaged, the specialists had been working for several days before they succeeded in opening the safe. Safes that store especially valuable items, large amounts of money and valuable items can be very expensive and valuable themselves, so it is important to save them during the opening process. If, however, opening the safe leads to damage to the safe locks, the locks are replaced by SOS service specialists. 

Why should safe opening be entrusted to professionals? 

The structure of the safe, the type of the lock and the location of the safe in the house is confidential information that you do not want to entrust to the any “specialist” that comes across. It is very important that the locksmith not only has the necessary knowledge and experience, but also an flawless reputation. SOSserviss.lv specialists have more than 20 years of emergency locksmith service experience. The knowledge, experience and customers’ feedback guarantee that the work will be done professionally and with the highest sense of responsibility. If needed, SOS service specialists will open fireproof and highly reliable safes, electronic and combination safes, built-in safes, weapon safes and even bank safes. Also, if necessary, company specialists will recode electronic safes, restore mechanisms or replace locks. To ensure that opening safes is legal, company specialists always ask to provide documents verifying the ownership of the safes prior to the beginning of their work. SOS help and opening safes can be obtained at any time by calling 26661117. Having received a call, SOSservice.lv specialists will quickly and accurately process the information received and determine work tasks, upon arrival at the scene they will do the job quickly and qualitatively. More information about the services offered by the company can be found on the website www.sosservice.lv.

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