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Repair of doors

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Kvalitatīvs durvju remonts, restaurācija

Restoration and repair of doors within one day.

Myth or truth?

The door is one of the elements of the interior and exterior of the house, which is used almost every day, so signs of on the use of the door can appear relatively quickly. A worn out and faded door, worn locks and a deformed door frame are the most common signs that a door needs restoration or replacement. Unless the damage is irreversible, experts most often recommend fixing the door. At present, when various materials processing technologies have been developed, professional specialists can restore the door in just one day, as a result of which the client saves time and money. One of the most experienced providers of such services in Latvia is SOSservice.lv, which offers its customers not only restoration of wooden, PVC and metal doors, but also repair and replacement of door locks. 

Door systematic opening and closing over time can cause both visual and technical damage to the door structures and mechanical parts. The reliability and exterior of the door can also be largely affected by weather conditions – rain, frost or exposure to direct sunlight. Without regular maintenance, the door may lose its good exterior after a short period of use, it may be difficult to close it, and there may be signs of wear out of the lock. And yet this does not mean that the battle has already been lost. The experience of SOSservice.lv specialists indicates that door restoration is possible in 90% of cases, and only in one out of ten door repairs is impossible or useless. 

The most common reasons of door damage

Situations and reasons when door restoration and repairs are necessary may be different. In collaboration with SOS service specialists, we have summarized the most common cases. 

Influence of weather conditions. If you want your doors to serve for several years longer, they must be protected from rain and direct sunlight. Moisture can cause the door panel to swell and rot, and ultraviolet light can cause the exterior to fade and peel off. Wind can also cause damage by bringing sand and other abrasive particles in cracks in the door panel and locks. This situation can be solved by installing awnings or ventilation openings above the front door; however, this is not always possible.

Malicious damage. Any door can be snapped, it all depends on whether the thieves have enough time and all the necessary tools for this. In recent years, more and more people prefer to install metal entrance doors for their apartment or private house, which are equipped with additional solutions for protection and closing. To snap such doors and locks, one screwdriver and pliers will not be enough, you will need powerful (as well as loud) drilling and cutting tools. However, even if the snapping attempt failed, signs of tools are likely to remain on the door. If not only the locks, but also the door frame and the panel are damaged, restoration of the door is necessary. 

Domestic animals. Scratches and tooth marks are the most common damage that pets – dogs and cats – leave on doors and other furniture. Despite the fact that with the help of animal training you can wean them from damage to the interior, it takes some time. Residential doors can be protected by pasting them with special sheathing, however, if damage has already been done, door repair will be necessary.

No maintenance. Each manufacturer has set a specific service life for their product, and it is obvious that the doors that have been used for 10 years or more do not look completely new. There are no materials or mechanisms that are eternal – if regularly maintenaned, the life span of the door can be increased twice or even more. The SOS service specialists, who also offer diagnostic services for the technical condition of the door, admit that most people do not take care of doors, so restoration of doors is needed much sooner.  

What to do in case of damage to door locks? 

If the homeowner discovers that the door locks are damaged, it is difficult to open or close the door, replace the locks. You can try to do it yourself or seek help from SOS service specialists. In a situation where the door is locked and cannot be opened without mechanical actions, the door is opened by drilling. Experienced workers make a precise hole in the locks without damaging the door frame. Using this method, the door usually opens within a few minutes. In order not to worry about the safety of the house after drilling the locks, ask the specialists to replace the locks with new ones. SOSservice.lv specialists open doors and quickly change locks, effectively and with a guarantee, without additional worries for the homeowner. 

Restore the door on your own – is it real? 

As time goes by, any doors wear out, even expensive and high-quality ones. Buying a new door is always the quickest and easiest solution, but sometimes it’s more reasonable and cheaper to keep and restore old doors. If the house has wooden doors, you can try to restore them on your own. This will require tools such as a hot air gun, hand or electric planer, putty knife and sandpaper. You must remember that the door restoration is an accurate process, so the work must be done carefully and without rush. Before removing old paint, the door must be removed from its hinges, and the locks, handle and latches should be removed. When this is done, the door should be put on the supports. It is best to work in a room with good light and ventilation as the dismantling of the existing coatings may cause smoke. After the old paint is removed with hot air and a putty knife, it is recommended to treat and close all cracks and scratches on the door surface. You can use both special lubricants and regular putty. When the door surface is dried, the working surfaces should be finished with a planer or sandpaper. Then you can paint and trim the door. Residential door restoration can take several days or even weeks and will require a lot of patience and accuracy. If the homeowner does not have the opportunity and desire to restore the door on his own, work can be entrusted to professional specialists. 

Door restoration performed by professionals – faster and often cheaper

Entrepreneurs who offer door restoration services can do the job faster and, thanks to their experience and technical support, better than the homeowner can do it on his own. Also, metal and PVC doors can only be repaired in special workshops. To meet the needs of its customers, SOSservice.lv offers to perform all types of door repair and restoration in one day – they remove the door in the morning and get it to the workshop, and install it back in the afternoon. When choosing the professional specialists services, the customer often prefers lower overall costs (time saving, no need to rent or buy tools, no need to buy materials). Under the supervision of SOS service specialists, door restoration is conducted with special care, inspecting and, if necessary, replacing not only door locks, but also restoring the door casing. On the demand, the door can also be insulated by adding heat-insulating material to the door leaf, which will also provide noise protection. If it is necessary to restore PVC doors, after insulation they are covered with a decorative film on both sides, which gives the leaf a new and completely fresh look. As already mentioned, restoration of doors is possible in 90% of cases, in turn, in situations where restoration is useless, SOS service experts will provide all the necessary recommendations and advice on obtaining new doors. 

Why choose exactly the services of SOSservice.lv

If you want the door restoration to be carried out effectively to meet the needs of the customer and the expected result, it is important to entrust the restoration work to the specialists who are professional specialists in the area. SOSservice.lv company has more than 20 years of experience in the restoration and repair of wooden, PVC and metal doors, in addition, the company’s specialists are well familiar with all types of door locks and their mechanisms, if necessary, providing emergency locksmith services.

If emergency locksmith service of the locked doors is required, the locksmith services of the SOS service company are available at any time of the day (departure on calls is provided only in Riga and the Riga District). If the owner has a need to restore the door, under the guidance of professional specialists the door will be restored within one day, in the morning the door will be removed from the hinges, but in the evening, it will be completely installed back. 

Door restoration, lock replacement and other services provided by the company can be received at 26661117. Additional information – www.sosservice.lv.

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